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Mar, 2020

Current Covid Protocol

The Blythewood Soccer Club is, has been and always will be dedicated to providing the safest possible playing environmant for parents, spectators and coaches.  In keeping with that the club will be following guidelines set forth by the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association, Our Insurance Carrier, State & Local Govenernment agencies as well as local health officials.  In keeping with that the current safety protocols are listed below.  These are subject to change so please refer back to this page often.

Last Updates: 08/10/20

Current Status Level -PHASE 3 - masks required for all coaches and spectators

 Activities Permitted (dates and information subject to change)

  • Scrimmages between clubs permitted
  • League matches permitted
  • Travel tournaments permitted

Notice of Risk
By participating in any club activities parents, coaches and spectators understand there are certain risk they are assuming with regards to the current Covid-19 outbreak as well as any future potential breakout of communicable diseases.  Proper precautions and following strict protocols as outlined in the document below will help reduce those risk, but will not totally eliminate them.  Please consider this carefully before electing to participate and consider the health of you, your player and others you may come in contact with.

Club Responsibilities

  • Club personnel may not be involved in any manner in the activity if either they or any member of their household has had an onset of illness with symptoms consistent with, suspected or confirmed to be COVID-19 within the previous 14 days.
  • All Club personnel and Coaches are required to wear facemasks.
  • Clubs are recommended to provide hand sanitizer at each bench area
  • Clubs are recommended to organize a pick-up and drop-off area for players to minimize social contact between players and members of different families.
  • Clubs are recommended to organize “stations” for each player at or around the bench area that are at least 6 feet apart in which players must keep all of their belongings. They shall be advised to return to their “station” only during breaks.  
  • Proper social distancing should be maintained at all times when not actively participating in training.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Before any and all activity (e.g. practice, tryout session, etc…) it is recommended that the temperature of each coach and player should be checked with an infrared thermometer and each individual must be asked and answer these questions
  • Have you been in contact with a person with COVID 19?
  • Have you had a cough, fever, or loss of taste or smell?

If anyone answers YES to any of these questions, they shall not be permitted to participate.

  • Recommended if possible that the same coach work with the same group or individual players for contact tracing capability.
  • It is highly recommended that activities last no more than one (1) hour.  Fatigue brought on by physical activity renders an individual more vulnerable to the virus. Excessive activities, especially in the heat of the summer, should be avoided.
  • Coaches only shall be permitted to touch training discs and cones.
  • If training bibs or pinnies are needed, they must not be shared and must be washed before each training or game session.
  • Physical contact outside the game must be strictly avoided.
  • Players must use a sanitized soccer ball cleaned prior to the activities.
  • The club may elect to institute special pickup and drop off procedures to help minimize close contact of players and parents.
  • Coach is responsible to report any deviation of the mask requirement (non-compliance) to the Club leadership after advising the parent that such a report is required to be made.

Player Responsibilities

  • Players recommended to wear masks prior to and immediately after training.
  • Parents are asked to check their players temperature BEFORE coming to any club activities.
  • The club will check each players temperature before each game or training activities before players are allowed to participate.
  • Players required to strictly observe social distancing when not in play (6-10ft).
  • Players required to only go to their “station” when not engaged in play.
  • Players wash or sanitize their hands and equipment prior to and immediately after training
  • Players are recommended to wash their clothes and bath immediately upon returning home.
  • Players recommended to NOT share drinks, food, equipment, towels or clothing at any time.
  • Contact outside of play (e.g. high 5s, hugs, etc.) should be avoided at all times.
  • If player is diagnosed with Covid -19 or resides with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 or has come into contact with someone suspected of having Covid-19 then the player is required to notify club officials and to quarantine for 14 days.

Parent Responsibilities-Please read carefully

  • Notify club official immediately if they receive notice that they, their player or anyone their family may have come in contact with has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or other infectious diseases.
  • Avoid carpooling. Only members of the same family should be in a vehicle together if possible
  • Parents and other family members are asked to stay at home if they themselves, anyone in their household or someone they have come into contact with displays any type of sickness or has been around anyone else that has be displaying signed of sickness for at least 14 days or until they can pass a properly administered Covid-19 test.
  • Parents should check their players and anyone else that may be attending club events temperature prior to attending and are asked to stay home if anyone is running a fever.
  • Recommended that only one parent accompany player to the complex for practice.
  • Parents should have hand sanitizer available for their children before and after each session.
  • Parents should make sure their players equipment has been properly sanitized before any club activities.
  • Parent shall remain in their cars during activities unless directed by their team coach or club administrator to join the team at the field. If they leave their car for any reason (e.g. to use a restroom) they must wear a facemask and observe social distancing.
  • Parents are expected to try to maintain proper social distancing at all games and avoid sitting in close proximity to anyone outside their family.
  • Parents/spectators are required to wear face coverings during all Blythewood Soccer activities/events/matches.
  • Parents recommended to socially distance themselves from each other whenever possible- use of golf umbrellas are helpful to maintain spacing. Try to stay seated during the match please and do not pace back and forth along the touchline if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Parents may not interact with the team during the match without permission of the coach.

Governors’ McMaster Order on Guidelines for Reopening Athletic Fields and Resuming Youth Sports - FINAL.pdf

 The information in this document is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Club members, players, parents and the youth soccer community at-large seeking information on general play should adhere to social gathering and distancing policies, guidelines, recommendations and mandates of state and local health and government officials, and your facility. Special considerations should be made for transitional periods between groups when overlap and crowding is more likely to occur. Be prepared to adhere to six-foot social distancing measures, as defined by the CDC. In addition, the following online resources are available including, WHO Coronavirus Website, and the CDC Coronavirus Website. The International Olympic Committee has also developed specific advice for athletes, including a statement from the IOC Medical and Scientific Director, Dr. Richard Budgett. We encourage you to follow the travelpreventiontesting, and treatment recommendations of the CDC. For the latest updates and resources on the coronavirus, go to the CDC Situation Summary.


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